Kidney disease in cats

Live webinar date : 27th February 2019 8pm

Chronic kidney disease in cats: advances in diagnosis and management. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is one of the most common illnesses affecting older cats and is estimated to affect more than one third of cats aged 11 years and over. Typical clinical signs include weight loss in association with a variable/poor appetite, an increase in thirst, sometimes vomiting/nausea and vague signs of ill health: your cat just not being quite right. Diagnosis requires collection of blood and urine samples for analysis. CKD is a progressive condition – it will get worse with time – but thanks to advances in our understanding of this condition, it is now possible to successfully manage most cases of CKD for several years following diagnosis. One of the most important management strategies is feeding a food that is low in phosphate as this has been proven to improve quality and length of life for cats with CKD. Sarah will explain more about all of the treatment options in her presentation with some practical tips for supporting cats with CKD at home.

Learning objectives

– What is chronic kidney disease and how does it impact on my cat’s health
– How is CKD diagnosed
– What are the management options
– How can a carer support their cat with CKD at home
– What is the longterm outlook for cats with CKD

Speaker: Sarah Caney

Dr Sarah Caney, CEO of Vet Professionals has worked as a feline-only vet for more than twenty years. She is a University of Bristol graduate and also completed her feline medicine residency and PhD at this institution. Sarah has always enjoyed seeing a mixture of first opinion and referral feline medicine patients and has a particular interest in geriatric feline medicine. Sarah is internationally recognised as one of only thirteen veterinary specialists in feline medicine working in the UK. Sarah founded Vet Professionals in 2009 and has authored and co-authored a number of the Vet Professionals ‘Caring for a cat’ series of books. Sarah has published widely in prestigious international journals and has been an invited speaker to veterinary conferences around the world.