Subject : A glimpse of feline fangs

Live webinar date: 27th June 2018, 8pm

The cat has a unique oral anatomy, with teeth highly adapted for prey capture. Just like humans, cats also suffer from a range of dental diseases, which can often result in pain, discomfort and infection. This talk will briefly introduce some of the dental problems that cats suffer with and consider options for homecare, a.k.a toothbrushing.

Learning objectives

– Understand the anatomy of the different type of cat teeth
– Understand the prevalence and signs of periodontal disease in the cat
– Appreciate other common problems affecting cat teeth, such as resorption
– Understand how to introduce toothbrushing at home
– Appreciate what equipment and skills your vet requires to perform good standards of feline dentistry

Speaker : Rachel Perry

Rachel graduated as a veterinary surgeon from Edinburgh University in 1997, and entered small animal practice. She soon developed an interest in small animal dentistry. Since 2010 her practice has been limited to small animal dentistry and oral surgery, and she provides first opinion and referral services in the south east. In 2016 she passed the European Veterinary Dental College Board examinations to become a Diplomate and European Veterinary Specialist in veterinary dentistry. She was granted RCVS Specialist status in 2017.

She has lectured nationally and internationally and published original research and review articles in journals, textbooks and is regularly involved in online and in-house teaching for nurses and vets across the country. The main species she treats are cats and dogs, but she has also treated tigers, cheetahs, bears, leopards, marmosets, fossas and vicuñas!