In March 2023 we sent out an ‘Interim’ newsletter entitled ‘Would You Help Us?’ to everyone on our mailing list, giving our opinion on what help we would hope to receive from vets (for both our cats and ourselves) when the time has come to say goodbye to our much-loved feline companions.

Our suggestions as to the nature of this ‘help’ were, briefly, as follows:

  • A separate room dedicated to ‘End of Life’ patients and their owners/carers;
  • Clear explanation of the euthanasia procedure, and what to expect;
  • A credit card machine/reader in the dedicated room; and
  • A separate door for the client to leave the surgery.

We included with the newsletter (which can be seen in full here) a link to our OPINION POLL which enabled our readers (which includes vets and their staff as well as cat owners) to tell us – anonymously – whether or not they agreed with our opinions.

97% of the many respondents said that they did indeed agree with us, and we subsequently received a very large number of emails with suggestions, and with both good and bad stories.

There were also numerous questions asking why we had not included reference to the fact that we could ask our vet to visit us at home to carry out this sad task. We sent out a follow-up newsletter advising our readers of the results of the poll, and also letting them know what our reasons were for not including the reference which so many of them had asked us about. This can be found here.

"A cat’s love forever graces your heart…….