Pet Insurance

The vast majority of us pay or have paid, National Health Insurance contributions so that when we fall ill or have an accident, we can be treated free of charge by our GP and/or hospital. The cost of this medical care comes from the pool of money that those regular insurance contributions have created.

When our feline companion falls ill or has an accident, it can often happen at a financially difficult time – and there is no NHS service for your pets so you must find the funds for your cat’s medical treatment from your own pocket.

That is – unless you have pet insurance!

Veterinary technology has become more advanced, (and therefore more effective) as a result of the costly and ongoing research which is thankfully being undertaken by numerous professional bodies. It is unsurprising therefore that treatment can often be expensive.

Your cat may suddenly develop a simple ear infection, or be gravely ill as a result of a road accident or kidney failure. It may cost hundreds or even thousands of pounds to get him/her better.

You cannot prevent your little bundle of mischief from getting into scrapes, or unexpectedly becoming ill, but what you can do is ensure that your vet has immediate access to a pool of money needed to treat your feline companion.

That is what pet insurance provides; and is why Feline Friends encourages cat owners to protect their cats (and their own peace of mind) by taking out this kind of cover.

You can also insure against a holiday cancellation due to your cat’s disappearance or illness; and the cost of advertising if he/she goes missing; and also many other situations which a pet owner can suddenly find themselves faced with.

There are numerous companies offering pet insurance, and a wide range of options available. You can insure your cat for life, or for a specific number of years. Just as with house and contents insurance, you can choose the amount insured up to certain limits, and there will probably be an excess. There will certainly be exclusions such as pre-existing illnesses, and treatments which prevent illnesses (such as vaccinations and worming).

The choices are wide ranging, and we recommend that you look at a number of insurance providers to ensure that you select the insurance which is the most suitable for your cat and yourself.

There are providers such as Petplan who specialise in just pet insurance; and many supermarkets, such as Tesco and Sainsbury’s; and stores such as Marks & Spencer’s also now provide this type of cover. Many vets are registered with pet insurance companies, so it is well worth asking them for the details.

Recent research has discovered that more than two-thirds of British pet owners have not taken out pet insurance; and that our pets may well, therefore, suffer if people cannot afford to have them properly treated due to financial constraints.

The choice is yours to make if you wish to protect your little companion from those unexpected illnesses and accidents which might be waiting just around the corner.

"I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior."

Hippolyte Taine