Intestinal parasites of cats : Not just the usual suspects

Live webinar date : 19th November 2019 8pm

When we think of intestinal parasites in cats, we tend to picture roundworms and tapeworms. While it is important to control these parasites for human and pet health, there is a wide range of more unusual parasites that live in the small and large intestine including Giardia, Tritrichomonas and Toxoplasma, potentially leading to disease and human health risk. With just a few simple preventative measures however, these risks can be greatly reduced and a close loving relationship with your cat maintained. This webinar will discuss common intestinal parasites of UK cats, the health risks they pose and their prevention.

Learning objectives

– To be familiar with common intestinal parasites of cats
– To understand the health risks they pose to cats and humans
– To recognise common clinical signs in cats associated with intestinal parasite infection
– To understand the link between fleas and tapeworms in cats
– To be able to implement simple preventative measures to help keep pets and owners safe

Speaker : Ian Wright BVMS, MSc, MRCVS

Ian is a practising Veterinary surgeon and co-owner of the Mount Veterinary Practice in Fleetwood. He has a Master’s degree in Veterinary Parasitology, is head of the European Scientific Counsel of Companion Animal Parasites (ESCCAP) UK & Ireland and guideline director for ESCCAP Europe.