Subject : Step away from the flea bomb! A measured approach to flea and tick control

Live webinar date: 25th April 2018, 8pm

Flea infestations in the home can be distressing, frustrating and pose a risk to pet and human health. Similarly, ticks picked up by pets and people enjoying outdoor activities can transmit disease and be a source of revulsion. This webinar will explore the differences between flea and ticks, the diseases they can transmit, and the steps required to control and prevent infestations. It will also examine the types of products available for flea and tick control and considerations in choosing the right product for your pet and home.

Learning objectives

– To understand the differences between ticks and fleas
– Visually distinguish between fleas, ticks and free living invertebrates in the home
– To understand flea and tick life cycles and how that affects their control
– To be able to put effective measures in place to control existing flea and tick infestations and prevent future ones
– To understand the differences between different types of tick and flea products

Speaker : Ian Wright

Ian is a practising Veterinary surgeon and co-owner of the Mount Veterinary Practice in Fleetwood. He has a Master’s degree in Veterinary Parasitology, is head of the European Scientific Counsel of Companion Animal Parasites (ESCCAP) UK & Ireland and guideline director for ESCCAP Europe. Ian is regularly published in peer review journals, an editorial board member for the Companion animal journal as well as peer reviewing for journals such as JSAP, Companion animal and Veterinary Parasitology. He continues to carry out research in practice including work on intestinal nematodes and tick borne diseases.