Subject : Caring for Older Cats

Live webinar date: 21st February 2018, 8pm

Thanks to better diets and healthcare, many cats are now living to much greater ages. In this webinar Sarah will cover the changes that occur as a cat ages. She will explain how carers can help to support their cat so that they are able to live with the best possible quality of life for as long as possible.

Learning objectives
– Understanding at what age a cat should be considered ‘old’
– Understanding the normal age-related changes that a carer should expect to see
– Awareness of general care tips that help improve quality of life
– Awareness of illnesses that are common in older cats – how to spot these and what can be done to treat them

Speaker : Dr Sarah Caney

 Dr Sarah Caney, CEO of Vet Professionals has worked as a feline-only vet for more than twenty years. She is a University of Bristol graduate and also completed her feline medicine residency and PhD at this institution. Sarah has always enjoyed seeing a mixture of first opinion and referral feline medicine patients and has a particular interest in geriatric feline medicine. Sarah is internationally recognised as one of only thirteen veterinary specialists in feline medicine working in the UK. Sarah founded Vet Professionals in 2009 and has authored and co-authored a number of the Vet Professionals ‘Caring for a cat’ series of books. Sarah has published widely in prestigious international journals and has been an invited speaker to veterinary conferences around the world.