Infectious diseases in cats

Live webinar date 27th March 2019 8pm

Your cat can get quite a range of infectious diseases. Some of them are very serious and others may last a long time. Your cat wants you to know about the common and/or important diseases and what you can do to help in their recovery. This talk will focus on cat ‘flu, which is probably the most common but least serious of these infections and feline immunodeficiency virus infection, which is one of those diseases that many cats can live with pretty well for a long time. The talk will briefly cover feline infectious peritonitis and feline leukaemia virus as well. There will be 15 minutes at the end to answer any questions.

Learning objectives

– See the range of infections that cats can get but understand that how we keep cats has a major role to play in the number of infections that a cat develops
– Know the signs of cat ‘flu and how to treat them
– Understand why your cat needs you to ask the vet to find out what is the cause of the cat ‘flu
– Know about the best ways of looking after cats with feline immunodeficiency virus
– Know about feline leukaemia virus and feline infectious peritonitis

Speaker: Ian Ramsey

Ian Ramsey is Professor of Small Animal Medicine at Glasgow University and an RCVS and European Recognised Specialist in Small Animal Medicine. He has lectured and published extensively on many aspects of small animal medicine but his main interest is endocrinology. He is the editor of the BSAVA Canine and Feline Formulary and was awarded the BSAVA Woodrow Award for contributions to small animal medicine in 2015.