Would you help us ?

We are, as you would expect, talking about cats throughout this Newsletter. However, what we are saying refers to all much-loved pets, including dogs, rabbits, hamsters, guineapigs, etc.

We are trying to reach as many veterinary surgeons as possible to ask them to please revisit their ‘End of Life’ procedures, and if you agree to the following outline of our reasons then we would very much like your help.

Many vets are wonderfully caring people – indeed that is why they became vets – and they already do all they can to ease the passing of a dearly beloved feline companion. They do this for both the cat and the despairing owners/carers. Unfortunately, however there are still too many surgeries which do little to help alleviate the client’s emotional agony at this awful time.

The ideal solutions to this problem – such as a separate room (with its own door to the outside) dedicated to ‘End of Life’ patients and their carers – can be extremely costly; particularly if the surgery building is a very small one – when it would be almost impossible. Furthermore, we can’t overlook the fact that nowadays many vets are part of (and answerable to) large corporate groups – with accountants watching every penny.

At far too many surgeries you are still required to sit in a busy reception area with your poorly cat in its basket on your knee whilst you wait for your vet to call you in. You might be crying, and there may be inquisitive dogs trying to sniff at your cat carrier.

The vet will never (hopefully) be ‘too busy’ to explain the euthanasia procedure to you beforehand so that you are as prepared as possible for what must be done…..for the sake of your beloved feline companion.

After your feline friend has set out for the “rainbow bridge” it is unlikely that you (the client) will be in any fit state to stand in line at the Reception Desk – with your cat carrier – to pay the inevitable fee. This is assuming that you did not make prior arrangements to pay it before you arrived. It is for this reason that we are asking all vets to PLEASE have a credit card reader/machine in their consulting rooms, AND to provide for clients who have just suffered pet bereavement to leave (escorted) through a separate door. This latter request may be virtually impossible for very small buildings, but for those surgeries with emergency/fire exits – as long as the door is not alarmed – it can be used for this purpose subject to it being closed immediately afterwards. If your vet does this, then someone from the surgery staff should ascertain your choice BEFORE the euthanasia takes place. Obviously some clients are content to simply return via the Reception Area and exit that way as usual.

If you agree with us, then our Trustees would be extremely grateful for your help:

Please send or give this newsletter to your veterinary surgeon and let him/her know that you wholeheartedly agree with us.

Whether you agree with us or not, do please complete our quick ‘OPINION POLL’ here: https://forms.gle/exopMJAksciVEkEw7

Your responses will help us shape our views.

If you are currently facing these awful circumstances, then our hearts go out to you. You might like to visit:  www.feline-friends.org.uk/pet-bereavement.

Caroline Fawcett